Institutional Investors

Fiduciary Management

A dedicated, holistic approach to asset and liability management

Fiduciary Management - also known as implemented consulting, delegated consulting or solvency management, is an approach designed to help trustees meet their funding objectives by supporting efficient investment decisions and providing timely, expert implementation techniques.

In the Fiduciary Management model, funding level is constantly kept in view through regular monitoring and reporting, so when opportunities arise, you are equipped to move in line with the pre-defined goals of the scheme.

This provides a service that aims to deliver:

  • The pace and agility to execute timely asset allocation decisions 
  • The time and freedom for trustees to focus on strategic issues
  • Transparent pricing and potential cost savings 

Why work with SEI?

1. Flexible levels of discretion 
SEI's Fiduciary Management solution is bespoke to your scheme. You choose the level of discretion you would like us to take, in terms of both governance and investment implementation.

2. Guidance navigating a complex pension scheme management environment

With increased regulatory pressure on trustees, there is a need for more sophisticated investment techniques. Meanwhile, scheme sponsors are experiencing negative financial impacts, meaning the right partner can be critical in stemming the flow of spiralling costs.

3. An established history of delivering strategic advice and effective investment implementation

As one of the first and largest global fiduciary managers, we have the experience, scale and track record to meet your scheme's needs. Through the development of bespoke Journey Planning and Dynamic De-risking strategies, we look to enable our clients to make timely decisions within a clear framework defined by their goals.

We're one of the few providers in the UK who are specialists in Fiduciary Management. Our wealth of experience and scale of resource means you can benefit from our long track record in developing, delivering and managing fiduciary management solutions for pension schemes around the world.






 SEI Investments (Europe) Limited (“SIEL”) is the distributor of the SEI UCITS Funds (“the Funds”) and serves as an investment manager and/or fiduciary manager for clients who invest all or a portion of their assets in the Funds. SIEL provides the distribution and placing agency services to the Funds by appointment from its associate, the manager of the Funds, SEI Investments Global Limited (“SIGL”), a company incorporated in Ireland. SIGL has in turn appointed another associate, SEI Investments Management Corporation (“SIMC”), as US corporation overseen by the US federal securities regulator, as investment adviser to the Funds. SIMC provides investment management and advisory services to the Funds.