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SEI's Workflow tool offers real-time approval processing and task management

To drive operational efficiencies and reduce the likelihood of errors, we’ve embedded business process automation throughout our operational environment. Our workflow technology:

  • Receives, stores, and directs data in a standard, controlled and electronic manner
  • Indicates processing stage and points to future tasks
  • Tracks data and documents while creating an audit trail showing user, time and action
  • Integrated with reporting platforms such as Manager Dashboard and Investor Dashboard

Workflow management indexes and distributes important documents in real time while creating an electronic audit trail of the entire process, which:

  • Reduces operational risk
  • Provides transparency into daily operations
  • Facilitates oversight and enhances audit capabilities
  • Enables the processing of a high volume of data in a controlled, process-driven manner

Contact us online, by phone in Dublin +353 1 638 2435 or London +44 (0)20 7518 3697, or email to talk about how our workflow technology can create new levels of efficiencies and controls in your fund operations.