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Evolving in the New Operational Frontier

Asset managers traditionally have thought of their operating environment as “the back office” or the “plumbing” behind portfolio management. But this view is outdated in an industry that has grown enormously more complex and competitive in the last 20 years. 

Investment organisations now face a host of challenges that require them to be operationally adept—from a growing compliance burden and escalating investor demands to shifting economics, the proliferation of investment strategies and vehicles, rapid globalisation, and more. Asset managers must be equipped to navigate this new operational frontier if they want to compete and succeed in the years ahead. 

Download your copy of our latest white paper, Evolving in the New Operational Frontier, for a detailed look at:

  • The nine key challenges that define this new frontier, and their broader implications.
  • How asset managers can gain a competitive advantage by evolving their operating capabilities. 
  • Why having the right operating platform has become a critical success factor.