About SEI

Investment Philosophy

Holistic asset management with continuous multilevel monitoring

Our manager of managers active investment management process allows us to provide highly diversified investment solutions, while managing the total risk.

How it works

We are responsible for the portfolio structure, manager selection, and manager evaluation within an investment portfolio.

We strive to select the best investment talent from a global network that includes institutional money managers, then direct and supervise the overall investment program. This outsourcing approach allows us to:

  • Select the most appropriate managers specializing in specific market sectors
  • Leverage institutional investment managers generally available only to organizations with many millions of dollars to invest
  • Implement strategic fund portfolio-level changes more cost-effectively

Rigorous oversight

Continuous multilevel monitoring of these managers helps ensure investment performance is driven by each manager’s individual security selection. This enables us to work towards:

  • Providing more consistent returns
  • Reducing risk
  • Lowering overall volatility

We analyze the performance of these money managers on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, evaluating everything from security trades to complete organizational reviews. Those managers who fail to achieve stated goals – or deviate from their stated philosophy – are subject to replacement.

Our commitment to our clients

As one of the largest manager of managers in the world, we are committed to constant review and adjustment, adapting to shifting market conditions and macro-economic developments. 

Services provided by SEI Investments Management Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. 
For those SEI Funds which employ the “manager of managers” structure, SEI Investments Management Corp. has the ultimate responsibility for the investment performance of the fund due to its responsibility to oversee the sub-advisers and recommend their hiring, termination, and replacement.