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Managed Volatility Strategies: Smoothing the Path to Your Destination

Managed-volatility approaches to investing are based on a long history of solid empirical evidence. They offer investors a way to earn stock market-like returns with less volatility.

SEI pioneered the implementation of this investment style more than a decade ago, and we have continued to innovate as managed-volatility investing has evolved. 

For Canadian investors who are uncomfortable with extreme market swings but who want to remain invested in the equity markets, SEI has created the Global Managed Volatility Fund.  It invests in stocks that are expected to have lower-than-average volatility, with the goal of providing long-term returns comparable to the stock market, but with lower risk of loss.

The Global Managed Volatility Fund is a key component of our Stability-Focused Goals-Based Portfolios and Funds and our Conservative Monthly Income Fund.