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Goals-based Investing: Aligning Life and Wealth

Recent surveys show that North American investors are finally taking a more positive view of markets and beginning to commit more capital to riskier assets, such as stocks. However, market events since the 2008 global financial crisis have taken a toll on confidence and undermined many investors’ trust in their advisors and their willingness to adhere to even a well-designed investment strategy. Savvy financial advisors must continuously assess how well their clients are prepared, both emotionally and financially, for a new bout of severe volatility or the next bear market.

Goals-based investing offers a powerful tool to help steel clients against market fear and uncertainty by better managing human preferences, biases and behaviours that can undermine their financial success. By helping clients invest according to their unique needs, desires and time horizons in a way that encourages them to look beyond intermittent market volatility, financial advisors can differentiate themselves from the crowd and improve their own odds for long-term success.

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