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  • Jul

    OCIO: A Cure For Fiduciary Fatigue

    Read four reasons why investment outsourcing makes fiduciary good sense. [... More]

  • May

    April 2014 Monthly Market Commentary

    Economic growth remains mixed across the globe, and inflation was tame in most regions. Most major bond markets—U.S., Canada, U.K., Japan and the eurozone—experienced a modest decrease in government bond yields. Global equity markets showed impressive resiliency and were again positive. While global equity markets have not been as robust early in 2014 as they were last year, we believe they have held up quite well in the face of political tensions and emerging-market growth concerns. [... More]

  • May

    Optimal Pension Management

    While solid market returns and higher fixed-income yields in 2013 helped to improve funding levels, pensions are not yet out of the woods. Read how optimal pension management helps support the health of the pension plan and sponsoring organization's policies. [... More]

  • May

    Russia - Balancing the Risks against the Realities

    Russian involvement in Ukraine’s political upheaval has escalated since the beginning of 2014, fostering a diplomatic conflict with Europe and the U.S. Developments on the ground in Ukraine indicate a complex and volatile situation that seems likely to persist for some time. For global investors, the situation shines a light on the constant need to assess a wide variety of risks while balancing them against long-term return objectives. [... More]

  • Apr

    Tackling the De-Risking Decision

    The decision of whether or not to de-risk a DB pension portfolio has become a key consideration for many plan sponsors. A new white paper, "Tackling the De-Risking Decision," explores the issues involved.

    [... More]

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